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E-speed Software Development Company was established in October 2015. It was based on the development of science and technology enterprises in Singapore and the development of the industry that was established. Mainly dealing with the development of enterprise applications and providing organizations with complete technical data management services. Our global market-oriented development and programming management is about talent whereby the company embraces the market elites. Whether you are an enterprise front or in back-office management, we have a wealth of experience to support you. Be it the Internet, data and other fields of artificial intelligence, through information technology, we help to promote social development and change for enterprises by providing convenient services and create value for the community.


Market advantage
Staying ahead in business
marketing development
Product advantages
The perfect user experience
Multi-terminal use
Can be in CP + tablet + phone,
Perfect response display
Big Data
Upgrade Update Data Retention
Achieve data analysis
High-end design
Extreme interactive experience,
Enhance brand value
Safe and stable
Multi-backup disaster recovery
protection, security and stability

The whole network marketing

One time investment without duplication of maintenance and operation needs

Social sharing

Key to social media sharing. Eg. Facebook, twitter etc.

Distribution system

Systematic integration of customer rapid marketing


Company Address

   E-Speed Stabilizing Network Technology Pte. Ltd.
       83 Science Park Drive #04-01 Singapore 118258
   Telephone: +65 6255 7309



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